Congratulations to Larry Agee

Larry, co-founder and Executive Director of Disaster Aid USA, has been has been announced as one of three national finalists for the Volunteer of the Year Award.

The nomination, from the ‘Invest in Others Charitable Foundation‘, comes with a $20,000 donation to DA USA.

If Larry wins the donation will increase to $50,000.

Over the past eleven years, Agee has served as Disaster Aid USA’s Executive Director.

He has also committed countless hours in a variety of capacities including:

  • Deploying to over a dozen countries;
  • Deploying to multiple domestic disasters;
  • Managing logistics and transportation;
  • Raising funds.
During a Deployment in 2021

DAM helps Jehai Orang Asli

The Jehai Orang Asli community is located in the Royal Belum Forest.

The Rotary Club of Bandar Utama has been supporting the community for some time

Initially seven homes in the village were destroyed by rampaging wild elephants.

Elephant Damage

Following the damage the affected villagers initially moved to a houseboat, but this unfortunatly sank in a storm.

Disaster Aid Malaysia have been working with the RCBU and its members to help with the recovery.

Funds contributed have been used to purchase the following tools and building materials:

  1. A generator
  2. LED Lights
  3. Cutting Saw
  4. Zinc sheet (as roof for houses)
  5. Tents
  6. Nails
  7. Wire

Rebuilding Underway

Progress Report on Beirut Hospital

Following the devasting Beirut port explosion in 2020 Disaster Aid Europe (DAE) have been working with Beirut Rotarians on repairs to the Rosary Hospital.

Stuart, Sister Chlotti and Rotarian Rayan with new hospital beds

Stuart Amesbury from DAE has spent the last two weeks In Beirut checking on the progress of the work.

This included the delivery of

  • 18 ICU beds purchased thtough a Global Grant.
  • $30,000 of spare parts for repairing damaged beds.

You can help Disaster Aid Europe on this humanitarian project by donating at this link: HELP BEIRUT

Visiting RICON?

Check out the Disaster Aid International Booth

The 2021 Rotary International Convention will be held on line this year from 12th June.

As part of the Convention there will be a Virtual House of Friendship.

Why not make a point of visiting and check out Disaster Aid International booth?

You will be able to:

  • See an Interview with Tito Receconco (DA USA) and Brian Ashworth (DAA) on the ‘Front Page’.
  • Watch videos of our members responding to disasters.
  • See why we use SkyHydrants.
  • Find the websites and facebook pages of our members.
  • Learn how you, or your club, can get involved in Disaster Aid International.

India’s COVID Crisis

Over the past two weeks the horrific extent of India’s COVID crisis has been brought into sharp relief


As at the 5th May reported new cases exceeds 400,000 per day.

Since the Pandemic began 230,000 deaths have been recorded with the official estimates being almost 4,000 deaths every day.

Due to the extreme pressure being placed on the Indian Health services, and many people dying before they can be diagnosed, it is believed that the actual cases and deaths are many times higher than the official figures.


Disaster Aid International, as Rotary based charity aim to work with partners to make a real difference to smaller communities that might otherwise miss out on support.

Typically these are the more rural areas.

Disaster Aid Australia has a relationship with the Rotary Club of Navi Mumbai and the Diganta Swaraj Foundation through a project to provide Safe Water for Every Child to rural schools.

The Diganta Swaraj Foundation and the Rotary Club are currently involved in assisting the districts of Mokhada, Jawhar and Vikramgad in the Palghar region.

Disaster Aid International Support

Disaster Aid Australia has provided a grant to the Diganta Swaraj Foundation to help them purchase vital supplies.

Disaster Aid UK & Ireland and Disaster Aid USA are looking to source oxygen concentrators.

Disaster Aid Canada is also looking at starting a fundraising campaign.

If you can help follow the above links to find out how to donate to your countries Disaster Aid organisation.

North and Central America Project

Disaster Aid Canada has determined they want to focus on assisting in rebuilding communities and building capacity in Central America in 2021/2022.

This has been based on experience in projects in Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico.

After Tropical Storm Eta

In conjuction with Disaster Aid USA they have formed a Disaster Aid Regional Collaborative.

Membership is open to Rotary Clubs and Districts from Canada to Panama as well as non-profit organizations and funders working in North and Central America

Their goals are:

  • Utilize the existing experience, networks, skills and resources to establish Disaster Aid partners in Central American countries.
  • Build partnerships with Rotary Clubs and Districts to respond to emergencies in their own regions and to work together to rebuild communities.
  • Partner with non-profit and educational organisations to support the building of community capacity through education and training programs.

For further information contact Gerry Beltgens at:

Beirut Blast Update

Since the catastropic explosion in Beirut in August 2020 Disaster Aid Europe (DAE) has been working with Lebanese Rotarians and Rotoractors on a response.

DART Stuart Amesbury carried out an initial assessment and determined that the badly damaged Rosary Hospital was a critial asset for the city.

DAE have been heavily involved in fundraising and obtaining donations in kind to replace damaged equipment and supplies at the hospital.

This has been supported by Disaster Aid Canada.

The efforts have also included support from Disaster Aid Australia which enabled Stuart, working with Rotoractors, to install 2 SkyHydrants at the Rosary Hospital.

Although some parts of the hospital are now operating there is much more that needs to be done!

If you want to help you can find out more at the:

Beirut Appeal

Bhutan 2020 Project Progressing

These 15 skyhydrants from Disaster Aid Australia are on the way to provide safe water for the children of Bhutan.

This shipment means that 105 of the 120 SkyHydrants promised to Bhutan in the ‘BHUTAN 2020‘ project have now been dispatched.

Up to now over 40,000 children and school staff are being protected.

If you would like to help Disaster Aid Australia complete this inspiring project click on the link below;


Charity donations of $2 or more to Disaster Aid Australia are tax-deductible in Australia.

Partners Combine for Sabah

Disaster Aid Malaysia volunteers packing PPE

Disaster Aid Malaysia (DAM) has been running an appeal to provide PPE for hospital staff and a ‘Food Bank’ for Sabah state.

This state, one of the poorest in Malaysia, is situated at the northern end of the island of Borneo.

Disaster Aid Australia has stepped in with a $5,000 grant to help purchase additional PPE.

After the equipment was packed by DAM it was delivered by the Royal Malaysian Air Force to Sabah Rotarians, who are now busy distributing the equipment.

10th Anniversary of Disaster Aid International

As Disaster Aid International (DAI) celebrates its 10th Birthday in October its appropriate to reflect on our journey.

At the Rotary International Convention of 2010 in Montreal representatives of the newly formed Disaster Aid Australia met up with Rotarians from similar organisations in the USA and Canada to talk about international co-operation.

By October 2010 the the three initial partners were joined by the British charity ‘LifeBox’   and Disaster Aid International was formally launched as a partnership between Disaster Aid Australia, Disaster Aid USA, Disaster Aid Canada and Disaster Aid UK and Ireland.

Initial aid deployments were to India and Pakistan as a result of floods, other early deployments were to; the Sudan, Haiti, the Horn of Africa, and the Philippines.

For these initial deployments the main type of aid was Family Survival Pack containing a tent, blankets, cooking equipment.

As the organisation gained experience, and carried out follow up reviews of aid delivery, it discovered that many of the components of the Family Survival Pack were not being used.

Other Partners

Over the ten years the Disaster Aid concept has attracted Rotary Clubs from other countries including Brazil, Czech Republic, India, Malaysia, New Zealand and Uruguay.

The individual organisations though separate come together to support each other when responding to disasters with support ranging from financial and material help to sending volunteer Disaster Aid Response Teams (DARTs) for hands on aid delivery.

Aid Delivery

Over time individual partners have modified their aid delivery from the standardised Family Survival Pack approach to regionally and situationally appropriate aid.

Examples of this are:

Smart Aid

An approach of asking the communities that we are aiding what they want and then aiming to purchase the materials as close to the disaster location as possible.

 Typically the requirements are help repairing and/or rebuilding their homes, and the provision of safe drinking water.

Disaster Aid Trailers

Disaster USA in addition to responding to international disasters also respond to internal disasters such as floods and tornados.

To save time they have a number of trailers around the states ready for immediate deployment

Each trailer contains equipment and materials that enable them to offer assistance withing minutes of arriving on site.

Safe Water for Every Child

Disaster Aid Australia though its work in providing safe water for disasters saw that the SkyHydrant units were resulting in long term health benefits to the recipients.

As a result the ‘Safe Water for Every Child‘  program was developed to instal permanent skyhydrant installations, a response to the worldwide disaster of hundreds of thousands of deaths annually as a result of contaminated water.

Rotary International Recognition

In 2019 the efforts of Disaster Aid International were recognised by Rotary International and we were awarded the status of Collaborating Organisation.